Unknown - portrait of a lady with feathers

Increasingly, I have a reluctance to acquire miniature portraits for this collection where the sitter is unknown, and the artist is also unknown.

This is because the research aspects of collecting provide a fascinating way of studying social and political history and so have become a much more important part of the overall process of collecting.

However, it is hard to pass up the opportunity to acquire pretty ladies, especially when they are wearing elaborate and elegant clothes!

Especially when the artist appears to be talented.

It is therefore a great pity that both the sitter and artist for this portrait are unknown.

The sitter gives an excellent appreciation of fashion for the wealthy who lived in America, I think around 1910 to 1920, although my estimated dates may be a little out.

Thus comments from any visitor, who is able to date the miniature a little more precisely from the clothing, would be welcome.

If a date around 1912 were considered appropriate, one could well imagine her being a passenger on the Titanic which sank on its maiden voyage in that year.

It is fascinating how the artist has been able to convey the impression of glittering diamonds on a two-dimensional surface.

Her feathers are set into a diamond pin, she wears a diamond and pearl choker, a diamond necklace and earrings, a diamond bracelet, a dress covered with pearls, and has a large solitaire diamond on her little finger.

The pose must have been especially selected to draw attention to the diamond ring. 1346

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