Quinton - Portrait of a Young Lady

A little known American miniature painter who is only known as Quinton, was active in 1804 and is listed in Young's Dictionary of American Artists.

This miniature portrait of a young lady is signed in pencil, Quinton, but there is some doubt about the attribution. The miniature was acquired from a large collection assembled before 1950 which included many miniatures supplied by the well-known dealer and collector, Edward Grosvenor Paine.

It has previously been suggested by knowledgeable art historians that Paine was some times "bold" with his attributions and was not averse to adding signatures to portraits.

This attractive miniature portrait of a young lady may come into that category. The face is well painted by a competent artist and she is wearing a tortoise-shell comb in her hair. Without other clearly signed miniatures by Quinton it is not possible to confirm an attribution to Quinton.

It does appear to be American and to date from 1820-1825, which seems to be too late to be by Quinton.

Thus it is more likely by another American artist, and it may be possible to make an attribution in the future.

It is housed in an oval, dark-red, leather case, typical of the period. 1377

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