Freeman, George - portrait of a man

This finely painted miniature portrait is signed with an incised signature by George Freeman (1787-1868), an American miniature painter who worked in both the United States and in England. The sitter is unknown, but the detail of the sitter's clothing, and indeed his facial features are very well painted, better than can be seen in this image. 1482

An early book, "Art and Artists in Connecticut", by H.W. French, written in 1879, records of him.
Among the names unfortunately forgotten by historians is that of George Freeman, born at Spring Hill, near Mansfield Centre, Conn., April 21, 1789.  He was a painter of miniature portraits on porcelain and ivory, and of no small repute either in England or America.  His father was a farmer of very moderate means, and all that he was in later years resulted from his own personal efforts.  Of the earlier pictures of his painting that remain are one of Mrs. Sigourney, and several in possession of Mrs. H.B. Beach of Hartford, executed about 1810.  In 1813 he went abroad, remaining in Europe twenty-four years; which accounts for Mr. Dunlap's oversight.  He returned without warning, and took dinner with his father, telling him he had met his son in Paris and London.  In the latter city his work was highly praised, and he received the distinguished honor of being allowed to paint Queen Victoria and Prince Albert from life. He died in Hartford March 7, 1868.
Included in this collection there is also a miniature portrait of a young lady as below, which was painted on his return to America. Freeman, George - portrait of a lady

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